Academic achievement.


(Holidailies Day #7.)

Term paper submitted. It is…not great. I got bogged down in details about the Japanese Canadian internment, which made actually writing the fucker, which was meant to be about the events afterwards, that much more difficult. It is also a fair bit longer than the 12-15 pages recommended despite fudging the font size (Neuton 12pt is pretty compact), and I’m still not sure I made my points. I was so tired by the end that the title very nearly ended up being ‘Redress for Success’, which is a) a terrible play on words, b) kinda offensive, and c) makes about four kinds of no sense.

But it’s done, hooray! I took tonight off from thinking and actually, truly, embarrassingly found myself playing Diner Dash for almost two hours, 2004-style, rather than writing anything more substantive in this space. Sorry, y’all. I have priors; I had to uninstall online Scrabble to get my dissertation done back in the day. I don’t play games often, but when I do, they are olde and dumb and I get addicted right quick (see also Sim City 3000, which helped me avoid/forget all my problems when my house flooded a few years ago), so Flo may have to go until I write my final exam next week.

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