#100BM Day 50

As Jackie puts it, we have overstayed our welcome on this planet.

Also, I will never get used to Peter Mansbridge encouraging people to tweet ANYTHING. Sure, discussing current events is good, but having (briefly) spent time as an intern reading the occasionally horrific horseshit people send to news outlets before the Twitterverse existed, making it easier for the kooks to get in touch is no good. Some of their staff are going to end up in treatment for damage to eyeballs from rolling and/or PTSD because, duh, there are a lot of bastards out there who are like the anonymity so that they can be as brutal as possible. So that’s fun.

In good news, Behind Closed Ovens, my favourite part of Mondays, actually had stories about NICE people today. So I can’t hate on everyone today. Just most people.

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