I don’t watch nearly as many movies as I would like to, nor nearly as many as I used to, but I appreciate that there are definitely movies that benefit from the cinema experience (initial viewings of stuff that require concentration, like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, or Big Effects-y superhero movies like most things in the Marvel Universe), some are great for watching at home (the latest middling Paul Rudd comedy, documentaries about serial killers, and miscellaneous ironers).

It turns out that World War Z, a movie I resolutely refused to see in the theatre despite it being a big, dumb epic (2012 was a big screen must-see) falls into the latter category. With some caveats. You will also really, really need an easily accessed pause button and a companion (with similar tastes and/or a lot of patience), because you’re gonna need to stop that shit every few minutes to discuss better zombie movies, how many acts the film actually has considering the many phases of script doctoring this shit went through, how jolie-laide some of the supporting female actresses are, how disappointing MANY of the visual effects were, whether Newark actually looks like that, and, most importantly, how ridiculous it was to adapt a credible, engaging, war history-like novel into a film where Brad Pitt has seen some shit – sorry, ‘been to dangerous places’ – and is therefore qualified to fly around the world and figure out how to solve the zombie problem that thousands of WHO and CDC scientists and other miscellaneous health officials could not.

Or, y’know just to yell ‘WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS SO DUMB’ periodically.

It is nice that they gave the U.N. so much credit, even if that was possibly the most unbelievable thing in a movie that DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO GIVE PETER CAPALDI’S CHARACTER A NAME.

So, yeah, it was bad. If you dare watch it, seriously: home, remote, friend, booze.

But, really, it had been too long since I had a good, fun hatewatch, so it was definitely still an evening well spent.

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