As a shitty follow-up to yesterday’s entry, The Native Women’s Association of Canada have just announced that Health Canada has withdrawn all of its funding. From their Facebook page:

 It is with great sadness that we report that Health Canada cut 100% of its funding to the NWAC Health Department. These cuts will result in the loss of programs and research addressing early childhood development, diabetes, HIV, FASD, youth mental health promotion and suicide prevention and Aboriginal health human resources development.

Aside from our dodgy dealings in tarsands and other questionable environmental projects, one of Canada’s greatest shames is the treatment of our Aboriginal people, the living conditions on reservations (including, still, lack of safe drinking water, healthcare, and suitable housing), and the lack of opportunity to improve their situations. NWAC does a lot of good work. Go read their official response here, then try to learn more about what you can do to voice your concerns. I will be writing to my MP, even though I’m sure he’s even more appalled than I am.


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