#100BM Day 83

There was a time when I used to carry my cat on my back, piggyback-style, to meet my (late) mother after work. The kids at the school would be delighted. Hamish was always non-plussed.

That was more than 4000 days ago.

Today I had to say goodbye to him. He was just too weak to even consider further treatment to get him to a point where we could figure out a diagnosis. He couldn’t even stand up this afternoon. Dr. Hughes didn’t think he would make the night.

Dozens of friends and fans on the internet are mourning the loss, even though most hadn’t met him. Hell, the number of texts and FB comments outnumber the total humans he had met in his 14 and a half years threefold, probably.

It’s raining furiously outside while I cry endlessly, which feels appropriate. This not having a cat thing is no good at all.

How I will remember him most.

How I will remember him most, back at his fighting weight, not helping me with the garden.

4 thoughts on “Adjustments.

  1. John

    I’m another who hadn’t met Hamish(one of your 3 readers) but I to am sorry for your loss as it was always enjoyable reading about him usually annoying/dismaying…you 🙂 R.I.P Hamish 🙁

  2. Rachel

    I am glad to see that photos are helping with your grief. I found photos to be extremely helpful, especially when they were so sick at the end, and you have so many good ones of Hamish! Unfortunately I don’t think I have any to share, because he would either be sitting on me or avoiding me depending on what particular animal I smelled like that day? They say that you will feel strong grief for a pet for one month for every year they were with you…I found that to be a dismaying thought at first, but now I find it comforting when I break down all of a sudden, over a year later. Someone on Facebook said that he will be next to you, purring, while you are sleeping, and that is such a wonderful idea/possibility that I am holding on to it, because I hate to think of you cat-less too! Huge hugs and a toast to Hamish!

  3. Ali

    Megan, I can only empathize. When we let go of Topaz, after such a long fight trying to get him better, I thought my heart would actually break from crying. I’ve never felt anything like that. They make our lives so much richer, so much happier. They’re small furry miracles, and I do believe a part of them does stay with us when they go, as Rachel says. Millions of hugs to you. You can talk about him until you are blue in the face and we will be here to listen, if it helps. <3

  4. pio

    So sad to be mourning the loss of Hamish, a lovely beast that I had known seemingly forever. A stripey prince, if there ever was one!

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