#100BM Day 78

Cat-related anxieties led to another pitiful night’s sleep. I called the vet at 7:33am to see if I could get him an appointment today. I cried a bit when they told me the earliest one available was at 2:20. Hamish is so scrawny and wobbly that I was fearing the worst, and Googling symptoms is a fucking terrible idea. I became convinced that he had this feline disease that seems like a cold, but will basically kill your cat at any second and has no cure.

But he (just?) has a respiratory infection, and his snotty head is affecting his balance. It is not in his lungs, thankfully, and his kidney levels are in the normal range. He’s probably had some kind of infection for a while now, and the hyperthyroidism-related slimdown has left him too skinny to fight it off, hence it going full mucousy, sneezy wheezefest. Gross.

Since he can’t smell his food, and doesn’t feel well, he doesn’t want to eat, so he’s been given an appetite stimulant and antibiotics, which should fix him right up. I hope.

He did eat a bit more today (still, like, 1/12th of what he would have eaten a couple of month ago), which is something. I miss my giant, robust cat who seemed indestructible. I don’t think he’ll ever be back to full fighting weight, but every little bit helps.

Having a cat on three different medications (for now) is bonkers, though, and reminds me of the lines of pills my grandparents took at breakfast. Of course, they were in their 80s at the time too.

Poor sickie.

Hamish on his mama blanket.

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I also had a three hour nap today, so so much for getting a full night’s sleep tonight either.

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  1. Rachel

    I am so sorry to read this! I know he is feeling better now but it must have been so scary! Instead of googling symptoms you should call me….although my knowledge is a bit rusty, I can still help you rule out killer cat diseases I hope! Good luck with the “pilling” and here’s hoping the hyperthyroid meds and antibiotics kick in, and he starts putting on some more weight!

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