Lousy farmers.


I’m going to finally get back on the road after my fall last week and catch up on doing the Very Late Review for Mr Watson, so I’m not gonna create new content here (aside from to say that the whoopee pies at Auntie Loo’s are epic in both size and deliciousness).

While I wait for more coffee to brew and my iPod to charge, I will urge you to check out these things, mostly about food and booze, instead:

Bon appétit and happy Sunday to y’all!

I’ve almost convinced my friend Richard, who knows a thing or two about food, but is also far more clever a wordsmith than I, to write a guest post. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Lousy farmers.

  1. Katy

    The huge whoopie pies that are proliferating these days bug me. The homemade ones I grew up with, before WPs hit the big time, were much smaller than the ones you can buy now. They were also chocolate/white frosting filling only; no weird flavors. Kids these days with their huge-ass pumpkin whoopie pies and their skateboards and their internet!!!

    • megan

      This was the first time I’ve ever seen a whoopie pie that wasn’t a Tastykake (or something like that). Canadians aren’t whoopie pie-oriented generally, maybe?

      And yeah, I went for the chocolate-mint. Apologies to the purists!

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