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#100BM Day 94

My exciting Saturday night involves some fairly disappointing red wine, laundry, knitting, and catching up on cable shows that have been of vague interest for a while and are, for now, available on demand.

Is there a patron saint of spinsters? I’m not a religious person, but now I’m wondering how closely I’m emulating her, should she have existed. She would have pre-dated television, surely. And I suppose a lot of lady saints were spinstery, given that whole nun angle. Can a nun be a spinster? Or by being married to God, are they not? And am I overtired or drunk on ~3oz. of plonk?


I am neither actor nor smoker, and I am not entirely convinced that ‘The Leftovers’ is a good show, but gosh darnit, I want to play one of the Guilty Remnant so much.

I would excel at it; lurking and silently judging people is totally my speciality.

Too bad that I can’t be trusted to wear white clothing without spilling all three meals of the day on ’em.

Trivia went pretty well, though it’ll probably never not be weird to be involved in something where 57/100 is a good score.

It was actually the top score in Ottawa, only because Paul was out of town. Heh.

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