#100BM Day 91

Appointments before and after work, then went to R’s place to pick up my new phone case that he Amazon Primed for me (not a euphemism). Ended up measuring his arm span and draw because he has a few more bits of archery kit to order.

Exhilarating, isn’t it?

However, after years of lamenting my T.  Rex arms, not being able to do some yoga poses properly because of arm-to-leg ratio, etc, I found out that my arm span is longer than his.  By an inch.  Which makes sense because I am about an inch taller than he is.

And yet! My actual reach (up or out on an individual arm basis)  is shorter because my shoulder joints are placed further out? And my actual frame is narrower?

I never took biology, so this is basically magical mystery to me.

And R. will still be the one hauling kegs around, should it come up because he can somehow reach around a bear, where as my less dinosaur-y-than-I-thought appendages probably cannot. 

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