Anniversaries. (Bonus!)


(Rehashing from Facebook and some stuff I tweeted that got requoted by the CBC on Ottawa Morning and here.)

2003 Blackout memories: Going to work, thinking the blackout wouldn’t last. Helping rewind a film by hand, which took forever, with Paul, Piotr, Dennis, and maybe Jasmin? The boss tried to sell ice cream on the street, as we had just received a huge order.

The power came back on at the cinema around the time we would have been showing the late show of the day, since this was one of the first blocks to get its electricity back, but we had all already left; once the emergency lighting went out, we were sent ‘home’. Except there were no street lights. And many pubs on the way West.

But first we stopped at Sheri’s place and had Ouzo (why???), someone broke a glass in the dark, causing much dismay. We then went to the Oak until they ran out of bottled beer (their taps wouldn’t work), then wandered down to Elgin, hoping to find more food and/or booze. No luck.

I tried to call Richard, because there were rumours about looting in South Keys, but (I think?) he was having a blast driving around in the dark.

Piotr had to duct tape a flashlight to his bike to get back to Bells Corners without dying. I opted for the bus over walking for an hour in the suddenly jubilant, yet terrifying, city. Went to the house where I was staying to find my dogsitting charge panicking more than usual. The catsitting charge did not give a fuck.

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