I didn’t think today would affect me, but even hearing recordings of what went down a year had me weeping. I don’t think I even cried WHILE the emergency happened, or in the immediate aftermath, or even days later. Steeliness? Shock? Selfcentredness? I don’t know.

Will definitely have a peek at Parliament and the War Memorial on my ride in today. Sure, it is literally almost the least I can do, but there’s not much else TO do, is there? Remembering, be thankful, be sad, get on with things? Probably.

One thought on “Anniversaries.

  1. Rachel

    I was okay on the actual day, but when I was driving for work and realized that all of the people, ambulances and fire engines on the 416 overpasses were there to salute Cpl Cirillo’s coffin as it was driven back home a few days later, I lost it. I actually had to pull over. I couldn’t stop thinking of his son, his dogs, and that editorial cartoon with the War Memorial statues climbing down to help him up.

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