Anserine courting rituals.


#100BM Day 63

Not sure how far I ran (with walking) this morning because my phone’s GPS is just the worst (still) and, about halfway through, I took a turn into Mud Lake park and got (happily) lost for 10 minutes or so, ending up at the water filtration plant, then getting lost in the park again.

So I got in somewhere between, like, 17 and 19km.

And it took FOREVER. And since I got home, I have broken an egg cup, dropped several bites of food, and experienced a sudden leg cramp that actually made me yelp and hiss for a good thirty seconds like some kind of beast. So, while I can’t exactly say ‘I’ve got this’ to the half-marathon later this month, but I’m starting to get it. Maybe.

Also, I think I disturbed some shagging geese? They were in the reeds, so I can’t be sure, but were making seriously unearthly noises.

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