Appetizers. Or leftovers.


(aka Silly things plus thoughts that might turn into something more substantial later, or might just languish here forever.)

Euchre Night in Ottawa returned last night, now that Kirk and Paul’s bromantic* vacation has come to an end. The worst thing that happened was that Paul sprained his ankle/tore some ligaments tripping on a tram track (per Kirk) or a curb (per Paul). Dutch ERs are efficient and cheap, BTW.

(*They don’t mind the word ‘bromantic’, but refuse to submit to being called ‘brojectionists’. What is wrong with them?)

Favourite quote from Kirk last night, on Paul’s sleeping habits: ‘He napped for so long that I had time to get drunk twice.”

In other health news, the awesome Steph, pub quiz team adjunct and hockey mistress, had a helluva bad weekend after a ‘superficial’ blood clot went huge and rogue. Very, very scary stuff that I can’t really write about (’cause of privacy concerns and because a blood clot was the key factor in my father’s early death, so I don’t like to think about these things), so I’ll just wish her a speedy recovery. Y’all should too.

In less serious news, Camper’s store locator on its website doesn’t think anyone sells their shoes in the Ottawa area. Is that true? If so, fie. I want these boots or these boots, but I want to try them on first.

I failed academically, actually, in that I have abandoned any (thus far not-even-half-assed) attempt at completing a distance learning class. Getting my first INC/F in my 30s is pretty fucking stupid, but does it matter in the long run? Maybe. But I have finally figured out that academia is not where I belong right now, or possibly ever. That was hard to accept in the Canadian city with the most PhDs per capita (actually). Besides, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet, so I’m not going to pursue courses that I’m not either a) seriously passionate about or b) using to further my actual career as Simian Coordinator at the Cinematorium. This might be the most sensible thing I’ve done in a while. Sad, but true. But it feels good to unburden myself, even if I wasted a pile of money on course extensions.

It might snow later, so I didn’t bike. I didn’t bike, so I dressed (kinda) like a lady. Then, of course, got a run in my tights. This is why I can’t have/wear nice things.

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