Arrested Development.


Aged 36, I am pondering a new career. I’m not even really ready to talk about it, even though it’s been percolating for years, but I’m dipping my toe into an entirely new field over the next few months to see if it maybe possibly could be a good fit. My heart is weighty with trepidation about possibilities (of both success and disastrous failure).

And it’s not knitting full-time.

Although…I have been pondering Etsy (or similar) to sell some knitted pieces. Is it worth it if you are not selling in volume? I have a lot of unfinished projects, to be fair, but I also sometimes just knit a hat over a couple of evenings for no reason other than fidgetiness and I could turn rewatching Michael and Maeby singing ‘Afternoon Delight’ for the 87th time into a bit of pocket money, that’d be good, right?

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