Arthropodic taxonomy in music videos.


I’m not really a Hallowe’en person. I kinda got over it after the grade 10 Hallowe’en dance (also the last school dance I ever went to) when I dressed as a bee (yellow and black turtleneck, black leggings (as PANTS, the Fug Girls would never forgive me!), and makeshift antennae), but everyone thought I was supposed to be the girl from the ‘No Rain‘ video, even though she was a) a little kid with glasses and pigtails and tapshoes, none of which I had, b) wearing an even less bee-y costume than mine, and c) the star of a song that I thought was overrated (at that point – I had liked it briefly earlier that year).

I suppose, though, that I had some things in common with the Blind Melon Bee Girl in that, generally, our peers misunderstood us.

Things bringing me joy today:

1. Richard’s just told me that there is a compound called Benzarsole. As if Arsole wasn’t great enough! (See also Cummingtonite.)

2. These two costumes, despite not being a Hallowe’en person.

3. Getting, finally, tucked into research for my as-yet-unlaunched (and barely planned) cinema history site and for some Wikimedia projects. This means that daily blog updates are coming to an end, at least for now, but it means that when I do post, it’ll be out of passion or interest or (perceived) cleverness rather than obligation. Except that if I don’t post at least once a week, you are allowed to throw a pie at me. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Arthropodic taxonomy in music videos.

  1. Jackie

    Leggings totally count as pants on Halloween IF they are part of a costume. Face it – for a lot of women’s costumes, it would be the most modest version.

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