It’s a Hebridean summer still, quite chilly and damp, but I’m still loving it. The only complication it brings really is that I can’t necessarily bike everywhere (remind me to buy fenders) and arrive at my destinations not looking like a drowned rat (remind me to re-waterproof my coat).

I don’t mind longish road trips (though I do fear that my car is going to fall to bits at any moment), but I have no real love for city driving. I live centrally (shuddup, Richard, I do too) and 99% of the time it’s a real pain to get anywhere quickly in car, especially if you are going to another central-ish location and then need to find parking. I drive maybe once a week (usually if I need to buy big things, like baking ingredients or gardening supplies). It saves me a lot of aggravation to not drive in town on a regular basis. Biking has its own frustrations (mostly drivers forgetting how to signal and pedestrians not knowing to look both ways before crossing), but I love its ability to help me reset my brain on the way to and from work.

But today is very rainy indeed, and it’s also World Quiz day. The pub where the ‘midterm with beer’ is located is a little over 4km from here. There is now no bus that goes directly from this neighbourhood to that one. Driving in the Glebe is a pain in the ass. I don’t want to sit in a bar soaking wet for 2+ hours while I try to remember for which film Jack Lemmon won his first Oscar. So I’m spraying my incredibly beat-up Blunnies and walking. Because hell, why not? It’s Saturday and I have an hour to spare. I’ll listen to the News Quiz from yesterday and maybe try to catch up on Filmspotting.

I know people are busy/in a hurry, but I love taking productive time out. Walking is exercise, it gets me places, but it’s also a way to be contemplative and a bit selfish in a nice way. I think everyone needs that sometimes.

That having been said, I should go to Costco soon, a thought that thrills me to the core.

Speaking of taking a break from bustle, I’ve made a new rule for myself: I no longer eat meals in front of the computer or television. This is a huge step for me, since I work alone most of the time and often eat on a different schedule from, well, everyone, so don’t have company at mealtimes very often. I thought it would be lonely, but so far it’s working out brilliantly. It’s made eating less mindless, but also breaks up the monotony of the work day so that I come back after lunch a bit fresher. Also, it means fewer crumbs in/around my keyboard, which is good.

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