Off to be a race marshall at a community 5K this morning. Enjoying a bit of backyard time beforehand, because yesterday was too bloody hot to do the same. I only went into the backyard to water things (using water from the dehumidifier to do it) around 9pm. This drought can suck it.

Of course, I did water-intensive crafting  yesterday, negating my water thriftiness.

My first screen was a total fail. The ink on the transparencies wasn’t opaque enough, so the letters weren’t sharp enough, or, in some cases, anything resembling letters at all. The second screen was a half-fail, but I’m going to use it for the first part of the project before I purge it and try again for the second part. Ugh. Such messy work too. Maybe I’ll just head to Wallacks and but another pre-assembled screen to reduce the dangerous chemicals I’m exposed to by one. I think the emulsion remover is pretty bad business.

Yeah, I kinda don’t know what I’m doing.

If the end result is half-way decent, I’ll post results tomorrow. For now, I need to caffeinated and get ready to tell runners where to go and drivers where not to.

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