Avoiding peril.


#100BM Day 7

I auditioned for ‘Jeopardy!’ almost two years ago and never got the call to go to Los Angeles.

Occasionally, I wonder if they called during the day and a bit when my cell phone provider cut me off (stupid, embarrassing non-story about being late on paying the bill) and just assumed I was on the lam, never to be reached again.

Or maybe my forgetting what the hell that AMC zombie show was called during the mock game we played had me crossed off the list.

I’ve ceased wondering if I’m too odd, because, really, have you seen some of those players?

Anyway, this happened this week, so the bitterness over not having the opportunity to potentially humiliate myself on (inter)national television has gone up a bit.

(It’s probably my fairly terrible diction. Perhaps they don’t want Mr Trebek asking ‘the fuck you say?’ throughout the program. The magic of editing can only go so far.)

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