100BM Day 57

Catching up on ‘Masters of Sex’, which I hadn’t seen yet this season. Okay, I’m only three weeks behind, but it seems Very Important to get up to date.

I know that awards aren’t important, but it’s shame that Michael Sheen didn’t get an Emmy nomination, but regardless of his excellence, in the year of ‘True Detective’, ‘House of Cards’, and the end of ‘Breaking Bad’, and with ATAS’s weird ‘The Newsroom’ boner, he barely had a chance anyway. And then Jon Hamm got the last spot. Bah.

Good for Lizzy Caplan on her nomination, though. Have loved her for years and years and years.

But today’s best, most dramatic performance goes to the customer who burst in before the cinema’s doors were completely unlocked, complained that she had been standing outside for ‘half an hour’ (why, if we were closed, and she was the only one waiting – clearly wasn’t going to sell out if she went for a walk or something) and that she needed to sit down immediately because she was ‘exhausted’, but not before stopping at the candy bar to get snippy while ordering popcorn, telling the server to make sure to ‘squish it down’ and butter it generously.

She probably hated the movie as well, because she seemed the type to find fault with every little thing, but I didn’t hang around to find out.

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