Bad signs.


I have had two dreams lately (the most recent was interrupted by my alarm just now) in which I receive an email or phone call from a woman someone saying that she picked up my tab when I forgot to pay after leaving a shop in rural Hungary (oddly, I have dreams about non-existent ski resort there too) and now they want their money back because their wallet’s gone missing in Russia.

In both versions, I got the message when landing at an airport, this time Midway in Chicago, last time somewhere in the Czech Republic, which looked suspiciously similar. (the runway was just a rugged rural road).

(Please note, I have never been to any of the places mentioned here in my real life.)

In the latter, after receiving the email, on the plane, I called and left the woman a voice mail to apologise for not following up after her first message asking me to pay her back, never once questioning how she got me email address and phone number. In both, I ended up spent ages on hold and talking to various call centre employees whose voices kept fading out until they were unintelligible.

So I’m being spammed in my dreams now, and totally falling for the ruse. Apparently, I have to give my subconscious a talking-to for yet another reason.

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