Woke up early today to do interval training. I’m still on my couch, though, because a) I need to eat something first and b) I have to rethink this running training thing. At least for this week.

I skipped my long run last weekend because I wasn’t feeling great, so I definitely need to do one this weekend. But I can’t really do a long run unless I take a day off running beforehand. But I’ve just remembered that I have to do my long run tomorrow instead of Sunday, because I have an all-day wedding on Sunday and I don’t think I could handle that on wobbly legs. I know that’s dumb and lazy, but it’s true. I am old and broken down. Or maybe I could handle it. I dunno. I’m tired. The cat tried to wake me up at 4am (again), so my brain is not all there.

I know that I need to learn to challenge myself more, in all things, because I am in a deep rut of apathy at the moment. That this has already turned out to be a boring entry is unsurprising; I am getting a little bored of the internet. People share everything, but it turns out that a lot of people aren’t all that interesting in their everyday lives. I mean, I’m sure they are in conversation, in friendship, in work, but their social media outlets are by and large just complaints about the mundane, passive-aggressive messages to ‘friends’, out-of-focus photos of children and pets, and posting links to stories that are either untrue or that I posted days ago and everyone ignored.*

Oh, wait, but that’s exactly the kind of thing I do!

Eh, I freely admit that I am a hypocrite. To be human is to be one, maybe.

I’ve talked about this before (but clearly done nothing about it), but I think many of us need to get out more, chat in person more, and put their screens and keyboards away far, far more. (Ironic, as I start a new blogging challenge, no?) Hell, maybe put the headphones away too and just listen to your neighbourhood.

My old optometrist, on diagnosing that I had muscle fatigue-related eye problems from spending too many days/nights at the computer and/or reading books, didn’t want to give me glasses. ‘Just look up more. Using the muscles in the other direction will help even things out.’

Stupidly, I didn’t take his advice. Now I wear reading glasses and check my phone for new FB alerts as soon as I wake up. But he was right. Muscles need complimentary movements to stay strong and pliable. So do brains.

So, this morning, I’m opting for a longer-than-usual bike route to work to get some knee-friendlier cardio in. Long run tomorrow. Weight workout Sunday morning. A challenge, but an achievable one. Mixing things up.

And while I finish my coffee, my computer is going away, otherwise I will probably dick around with it for two hours. Going to do some weeding before the green bin dudes come by around 8, since I haven’t been doing any garden work in weeks (again, lazy, internet).

But I’ll probably listen to a podcast while doing it. Baby steps.

* This is an exaggeration, and I mean no offence, but will probably be causing it all over the place. Be proud of your kids and spouses and selves. But maybe, uhm, tone it down a bit?

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