• I have not been reading much this summer because sitting on the porch in my comfy chair just isn’t the same without a lazy, old cat at my feet.
  • I have not been running lately because I am channelling said lazy, old cat, apparently. I am meant to be doing a half-marathon in six weeks.
  • Expedia just threw a sale email at me. I can’t afford to go anywhere (not even said half-marathon next month, though I’ll manage) right now. But I could go to Hong Kong for 10 days for $2K!
  • Dumb travel decisions are a big part of why I am in so much debt.*
  • Spending too much on take-out and restaurants is another
  • Occasional Modcloth binges don’t help either.
  • I wish I had the patience and skill and data sets to figure out if I actually have saved about $100+ by only buying two work lunches and two take-out coffees in the last three weeks.
  • My car is a rusting hulk.
  • Entered a contest to win a Fiat ’cause it’s the only way I can imagine I will be able to get a new one in the next couple of years.
  • Still having dreams of appearing on panel and interview shows, often RHLSTP or HIGNFY, but increasingly as a regular member of the public whose won some kind of contest because even my subconscious can’t dream big enough to make me a talented grafter.
  • Sometimes they end the recording early because I am too dull. IN MY DREAMS.
  • Recommitting myself to writing every day is only resulting in pyrite.
  • I dropped most of a bowl or porridge, face(?)-down, on the carpet just minutes ago. Perhaps summing up this word vomit of a post/my life: Good intentions, a careless mistake, and me huddled on the floor, frustratedly scrubbing a mess that will probably never fully go away.
  • I swear that I actually woke up in a pretty good mood, and am generally aware of my many faults, though I should maybe be a bit more rah-rah about some things, at least publicly, so people don’t think I’m *just* a human disaster.
  • I am somehow in 5th place in my Learned League Rundle at midseason even though I am largely still fumbling at defensive scoring strategy and have not been feeling super smart. Yay me!
  • If I had any sense at all, which I demonstrably do not, I should have written individual entries about each of these points over several weeks.
  • My problems are actually very small and there’s already far too much privileged, self-pitying navel-gazing in the blogosphere.
  • Have a lovely Wednesday.

* Still gonna save some pennies/debt space to go to Iceland (and rent a CAR and see WILDERNESSES) next fall with Jackie.

2 thoughts on “Bandoliers.

  1. Jackie

    Sometimes we have days where everything bad occurs to us. This is just a thing that happens no matter who you are, because in life, things go wrong. All the fucking time. Even the things that go right are never fully the way we would have expected. Never beat yourself up about having an overwhelmed day.

    I’m sorry it’s one of those, though, because ugh.

    • megan

      I’m not at all upset about it. These are ‘truths’ I am aware of always and have been working on. Incremental changes will help over time. I’m just not very patient. 🙂

      Time to pack my $2 lunch!

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