Bate Island. (3.21km, 9:21)



For the next few days/weeks, I’m taking my blog on the road to look at local landmarks and history. Today, I’ve taken my bike (and coffee) to Bate Island, at the border (in the middle of the Ottawa River) of Ontario and Quebec.

I’m not here for grander history reasons, though, but for more nostalgic ones (and no, those aren’t the same thing), because I was hanging out with my oldest friend, Rachel, yesterday. We used to bike here after school (with others) sometimes and dare each other to wade into the rapids. Teenagers are fools, eh? (Superimpressed by the brave Inukshuk constructor, though.)

Rachel’s birthday is today, so happy birthday to her! I also just found out that she will be a mum later this year. Her baby will not be allowed in the river here until he/she gets his/her whitewater kayaking certifications.


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