(Actually, I know plenty about it.)

I am already at work, having been to the chiropractor and out for breakfast, so this entry will be short, sweet, and mean. I posted this on Twitter earlier too, so it’s repetitive as well. But I saw this flyer in Fifth Avenue Court that some kind/cruel individual saw to correct at length.

Who is more at fault here? The person, for whom English might not be a first language, who produced such an ad that was riddled with mistakes, or the pedant (not me, I swear) who went and fixed it in wobbly ballpointed scrawl? Je ne sais pas.

Edited to fix the image, which linked only temporarily for some reason.

One thought on “Befuddlement.

  1. Jackie

    Because I’m an asshole deep inside, I’m always tempted to do this kind of thing.

    Because I’m lazy, I don’t.

    I’m now looking at this situation as justification for laziness.

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