Being annoyingly perky (oh wait, I know plenty).


Love this kind of day. We’re just in the beginning of what I hope will be a fairly significant late(-ish) winter storm. Because the weather reports have been a bit OMG SNOW (people? we live in Eastern Ontario. this is what the weather does), loads of folks will stay home from work. The world will seem to move a mite more slowly. The cinema won’t be very busy, and it will be a sloppy mess outside, but I 100% don’t mind. In fact, I might even go to a yoga class on the way home, then curl up with giant mug of vanilla oolong (and the cat), wrap myself in an an afghan, and live the spinster dream…of being home on a Friday night catching up on Breaking Bad.

Is it too early to report on Heathen Vegan Lent progress? Probably. But I feel great this morning, actually (clearly), even though my coffee has only just finished brewing and is molten lava hot/undrinkable still. I slept super well, cat interruptions notwithstanding, and I’m less stuffed up than I am on a typical winter, recycled-air morning. Related? I dunno.

I did succumb to the lures of ‘weird’ analogs already, though I haven’t partaken of them yet. Invested in veganaise (for emergency tomato sandwiches) and some Belsoy pudding.

I am tracking what I’m eating for a while too, mostly to check my iron, calcium, and protein. Was more than AOK for calcium yesterday (chickpea, almond, kale, and soy latte powah), almost good for iron, and protein was (as expected) about 10%. But I wasn’t snacky and restless, so maybe that level’ll work for a while. Who knows. It’s only frickin’ day three.

One thought on “Being annoyingly perky (oh wait, I know plenty).

  1. Jackie

    I applaud your Heathen Vegan Lent. I seem to be doing Tnel, in which you indulge in all sorts of shit you normally don’t allow yourself.

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