Being boss.


I am finally going to have an office helper and I am trying to put together some training materials before getting to the office. Not going so well. How DO I do it all?

Actually going to have to mime a few tasks and scribble down notes. Also feeling a bit vulnerable because I have to give away some of my superheroine secrets.

This dull entry is brought to you by The French Baker and their marvellous pains au chocolat.

One thought on “Being boss.

  1. I’m currently, sort of, almost, maybe, starting to hand over some of my more mundane work duties to some other people, and so have had to write down/explain processes I’ve been using for a few years without hardly having to think about them. Epic braincramps! I know what you mean about giving up secrets, too. I’m always worried doing so makes me slightly less valuable to the people I work for.

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