Being interesting.


I’m going on a bit of a Facebook hiatus and toning down (somewhat) my tweeting in hopes of being a more productive writer of more substantial things. And yet? This morning, I really don’t have much to work with, and yesterday was a write-off creatively, since I opted to watch five episodes of ‘The Wire’ while taking care of cooking and cleaning things. Oops. I also threw in an episode of ‘Sherlock’ (rewatching for the third time) which made me heartachingly homesick for London (specifically the running around Soho bit in ‘A Study in Pink’).

Here are some quite interesting things to peruse (mostly lady business-related), as I don’t have a Facebook wall to share them on today.

One thought on “Being interesting.

  1. rachel

    that was indeed hilarious! i have to give p diddy props for continuing the conversation because it was obviously way outside his comfort zone!

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