Being slower, lower, and weaker.


I’d blame writers’ block for the lack of original and creative thought (and the increasingly short entries and late-in-the-day hittings of the ‘publish’ button), but really? It’s just the fucking Olympics. I mean, I watched Judo this morning. A Mongolian and a South Korean followed by Russian and a German. I don’t know how it happens. It shouldn’t happen. I don’t even fully understand how the sport works (though, from what I can tell, neither can one of the commentators on CTV).

The Edinburgh Festival has begun and I am not there. I’m a bit sad about it, but will make firmer, more long-term plans to go next year. Anyone wanna go with me so that Adam Hills doesn’t say ‘Don’t you have any friends?’* to me? Please?

In the meantime, I have the monthly boozy trivia thing on Saturday and I’m off to Kingston on Sunday to play on Wolfe Island, so this week hasn’t all been sitting on the sofa. Just mostly.

* Well, and a cold/allergy thing that is making me sleep quite a lot more than usual – I have had a sore throat since Greyhound on Friday.
** Yes, this actually happened. The ‘here’ was implied, so I didn’t get upset. Well, I did, but largely because I didn’t have a witty quip to follow it up. Sigh.

Oh yeah, I went running yesterday. A little over 8K, which is good, because my minimum goal was 7.5. We will not discuss time because it was not good.

2 thoughts on “Being slower, lower, and weaker.

  1. I still have all of my email subscriptions from the Fringe enabled. I’m not sure if it’s killing my soul or actually helping me cope with not being there. I think a bit of both?

    But assuming I don’t use up ALL of my savings getting to my brother’s wedding then I will definitely be heading back to Edinburgh next year. We should see if we can co-ordinate something!

  2. megan

    Yes! Last time I was there, I was on my lonesome, and it was four years ago, so I’d love so Canadian company. Assuming I win the lottery or a box of money arrives on my doorstep. 🙂

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