Being whimsical all the time.


Back still jacked, so I think I’m gonna have to skip skating too. Yes, I will consult a medical person tomorrow when they work. Walking to the pet store was fine, as was sitting at the movies watching Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen (if you haven’t done this before, figure out a way to do so – it’s an amazing treat), but sleep has made my neck all throbby again.

Enough of my whinging though. I am going to at least meet my friends for breakfast this morning and, hopefully, get to a potluck later.

The other day, one of our local film critics mentioned that he was going to the Berlinale, if any planes would take him there. He is not very confident about it because he’s routed through Heathrow, where he was once delayed for snow, even though hardly any had fallen, and he claims that their ‘snow-clearing’ equipment was two guys with toy-sized snowshovels. Seems insane and I didn’t believe it at first (I mean, it snowed a lot (for key scenes) in Bridget Jones’s Diary, right?), but nope, they cancelled flights before the snow even fell. What. The. Fuck. Even if you don’t invest in a proper snowplow, at least get a bulldozer or something. Don’t fuck over thousands of people because you are (again) ill-equipped to deal with something that happens almost every year.

And people had to sleep in their cars because of tailbacks? Okay, driving in snow without sturdy winter tires isn’t as easy, but it’s not so difficult that this should happen. Or, y’know, you should have just stayed home (or whatever you were) if you couldn’t cope with the complication.

Anyway, this is all a retread of a post that I did last winter. And I’m grouchier this morning, so it’s less funny.

The irony is that Toronto, (the land of ‘calling in the army’ for a blizzard (which, rest of Canada, get over it – Mayor Mel is not the sharpest tool)), doesn’t have any snow accumulation (or, at least, didn’t went Jackie left to drive East on Thursday). That is also insane. I blame Rob Ford. Hot air has messed with weather patterns.

Did you read the good news about the Susan G. Komen Foundation? Anyone feel like it was too little, too late and a pathetic attempt to save face because their hypocrisy was exposed? Yeah, me too.

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