Benefits, doubts.


(Holidailies Day #2.)

I’ll get straight into the fact-posting today, and save the ramble for afterwards.

Giving Tuesday is a thing, a potentially good one.

How I learned this:
An acquaintance tweeting the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

It’s a bit ridiculous to only find out about it now, seeing as I’m online a lot/always, and the event has had partnerships (in the States) with websites I frequent, and I’m a bit (heh) of a lefty who thinks she’s charity-minded.

So, I’m embarrassed. I guess I tend to have my head up my arse in late November.

That having been said, even my cynical self, who has been rolling her eyes since last Thursday’s launch of Black Friday through Cyber Monday yesterday, thinks it could be something good.

It was launched in 2012 at the 92nd Y (which I’ve been hearing about for years because of all its amazing events) in partnership with the UN Foundation, Kiva, charity: water, and a bunch of other organizations.

Okay, Unilever is one of them, which is a bit…corporate. Fuck, it’s a lot of corporate. But let’s focus on the positive here.

The global launch of Giving Tuesday was last year. Canada is ‘officially’ participating this year and you can donate to any registered charity in Canada through Helps.

This line, though? Not a favourite:

Just as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, GivingTuesday* is the opening day of the giving season.

We should be thinking about giving back all year long, but sometimes people need a bit of a push, even at the most historical charity-giving time of the year. Head-arse disentanglement is a tricky thing.

Due to those as-yet-unresolved banking mishaps last week, I’m not able to give a lot of cash today, but I’ll start making charity tuques out of my leftover yarn this week and set up a Kiva investment later this month.

I encourage y’all to do the same. Well, similar. In fact, if any of my readers/friends had been pondering buying me something, donate the money you might have spent instead. I’ve got too much shit as it is and I’ve been told a few times that I am hard to buy for anyway.

But I will continue to accept baked goods, because c’mon.

Edited to add that I now have a Kiva campaign in place for this December. Check it out, invest if you are able/inclined. Thank you!

* Is it Giving Tuesday? Or GivingTuesday? The Canadian website uses both! Agh! Pick just one!

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