(Holidailies Day #8)

TIL: The current world record for the half-marathon for women is 1:05:12, held by Kenyan runner Florence Kiplagat. This is 1:14 faster than my fastest half-marathon ever, which was three years ago.

How I learned this: I was looking up when half-marathons became a ‘thing’ (the Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon is 93% sold out, and always sells out first of the six races scheduled that week, even though it is not for six and a half months). Headlines in 2008 said it was the ‘fastest growing race category’ in North America, and last year about 2 million people in North America, mostly women, ran one.

This is the first year since 201009 that I didn’t take on a half-marathon, because I have proved terrible at both training consistently and not getting sick before races.

I will be running one on May 24, 2015

Or walking it.

Hopefully running.

Yes, running. I will do this.

I have six months to not fail this time.

2:18, I’m coming for you.

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