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#100BM Day 98

It’s a sad memorial day and I’m nearing the end of this not-actually-challenging-or-even-terrible-thoughtful 100 Days of Benign Mundanity, so you’d think I’d have something of profundity to say. But no, not especially, really. I spent a ridiculous amount of time today in a hideous phone menu/’your call is important to us’ stranglehold and am now eating a delicious bowl of almost-ambrosiac pasta (sauce is two tomatoes, some kale, some basil, a big wodge of garlic, and olive oil whizzed in a blender) and drinking some long-forgotten, fancier-than-usual, gift wine from last Christmas (?), so that’ll do for the gringo yin/yang of today, I suppose.

I would like to remind y’all to try to be kind and fair and patient, but most of my known readers are already doing so. I’d like to remind y’all that it’s OK to be sad, mad, or increasingly less of either on the anniversary of Very Bad Things (I have another, more personal, one coming up on Monday and my brain and heart haven’t decided which way to lean yet), because some people feel guilty, particularly about the latter. There’s not right way to be or act or feel sometimes (or anytime, sometimes) and that’s OK. Be genuine, be patient, be truthful, be generous, and try not be a dick; I think that’s the best most of us can do in any situation.

Nothing new, of course. I could rally against perceived righteousness, but that would be slightly hypocritical. I could try to be whimsical or innovatively wise, but I’m feeling neither. Today, like anyone, I’m just a fallible creature blundering through, hoping for the best. And that’s OK too.

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