Blackened Cajun bread.


We had a massive storm yesterday, delivering a half-metre of snow, something I actually enjoyed, especially since I only shovelled the walk at the 15cm mark and got to work before all this shit went down.

I have not been eating well the last few days. I have spent more on meals out and takeaway this week than I had in the previous month. I have ingested a lot of fried nonsense and trail mix and things that aren’t filling me up, so I bought frickin’ Hickory Sticks for the first time in at least ten years.

Yep, those almost bacon-flavoured (delicious) monstrosities are vegan.

I also got a ‘Beet power bowl’ at Bridgehead for lunch yesterday and was peckish an hour later. Is it because I am part-giantess? Or because all my other food choices have been ridiculous?

Last night’s Harvey’s veggie burger and frings sure hit the spot, though.

But yes, Megan, it’s time to stop being a fucking lazy idiot and make some damned food. Your wallet, stomach, and brain will thank you.

Gilmore Girls Last Four Words: Sure, man, a palomino.

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