Blue veins.


Okay, things didn’t change even a little bit after Monday’s razzle-dazzle, and, as I’m at a loss for topics this morning, let’s talk food.
I’m not really missing anything in this Heathen Vegan Lent. The stupidest things I’ve done so far are having two suppers of convenient junk food (cupcakes and Twizzlers (plus wine) on Sunday and chips and salsa (plus beer) last night), but the food hangovers (thanks to Ali for reminding me of that term) haven’t been too terrible. Sugar-rushed sleep (or, rather, attempts at sleep)? Not something I’d recommend, though.

Some things I’ve learned this week:

  1. People really think this is a huge sacrifice, but I am not finding that at all. Yes, my restaurant options are more limited, but since I’m pretty broke, I haven’t really felt that sting. But I’m baking things that are delicious, there are (homemade) frozen burritos in my fridge, and I already made vegan-friendly soups rather often before I started this, so it’s not felt burdentastic. So many things are delicious.
  2. Veggie cheese slices are not necessarily vegan. Seriously. A lot of them have milk protein in them, rendering their plasticky existence completely unnecessary. If I wanted not-quite-cheese with animalia in it, I’d have a fucking Kraft single.
  3. It’s hard not to cheat. Not because the heart isn’t willing, but because so many food labels say ‘May have come into contact with milk, eggs, or a t-bone steak’ (I might have made up that last one). I bought some hamburger buns with a similar warning on them because I couldn’t find an alternative at the megamarket and I was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home.
  4. I hate the term ‘flexitarian’, and it might be a hypocritical way of doing things, but I may well end up one. I doubt very much that being vegan is something I will do forever, but I think it might be a lifestyle I will adopt most of the time. Maybe even more of a ‘flexan’, in that I would consume almost no animal stuff in general. Until there’s a night out at the Urban Pear planned or a delicious diner breakfast I can’t resist.
  5. My jeans fit better already. Speaking of hypocrisy, despite my ‘never dieting again’ mantra, I’m delighted that my favourite jeans fit well right out of the dryer for the first time since December. Probably because I can’t just grab junky, processed food as a snack or meal all the time. Y’know, except Twizzlers. And chips. It must all be beef jerky weight.

Please note, I’m only a week in, so this could still go terribly badly. I don’t think it will, though. Despite the explosions of stress at work, I feel pretty frickin’ good. And will feel even better once I stumble down to get/inhale my coffee.

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