Bob Dylan, David Bowie, take your pick.


Missed two days in a row of blogging. In that time, I ran a half-marathon and Canada got a new Prime Minister. Oh, and there’s a new Star Wars trailer.

The half-marathon went slowly, but not nearly as terribly as I thought. It’s a fun race for me, because the route goes around downtown for a bit, and then along the Lake Ontario for the bulk. The weather was cold, but clear (ideal). The queues for the portaloos were hell along (definitely not). Jackie, her mum, and I ate a giant brunch afterwards. I did not sleep on the train home because I didn’t want to accidentally lean/drool on the slightly smelly man sitting next to me. Finished reading Station 11 (good, a bit weird to stare out at Toronto skyline while reading it) and started The Martian (seeing the movie, need to read the book, luckily it’s a fun read). Bought a beloved Muji planner for next year.

I did not want any of the parties to win a majority. I did not want to lose my excellent MP. I did want to lose Stephen Harper as fearless leader, though, so at least one thing went right, and it was a big ‘un.

The Star Wars trailer gives me (a new) cautiously optimist hope.


2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan, David Bowie, take your pick.

  1. Megan S.

    I recommend watching “The Martian” before reading the book. Both are excellent, but I think I would have enjoyed the movie more had I not known what was coming. Also, can I borrow “Station 11”? And congratulations on the half-marathon!

    • megan

      If only I had a physical copy! I have the e-book. And thanks! T’was a terrible race, as usual. Really must make a better training commitment next time.

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