Bob Vila.


Some flood updates.

Good news: Our basement is dry, things can be moved around against walls.

Bad news: Walls in kitchen need to be smashed up/rebuilt.

Worse news: Insurance company wants to try to save the cabinets I hate.

Good news: I can probably eke some new doors out of the budget at least. And maybe a new sink that isn’t white. And sell a cornea to buy a new dishwasher (ours leaks/is terrible).

Bad news: White countertops remain.

Good news: They will replace the terrible peel-and-stick lino tile and the ceiling. And the terrible 1980s cabinet in the upstairs bathroom, and the shitty tile in there too.

Bad news: No timeline for all this business to go down yet.

Good news: Fairly sure it won’t take a month, as was the estimate when they were suspecting toxic asbestos-y shit to be a factor.

Bad news: I’ve gotta arrange accommodation without a timeline and try to mitigate the howling cat issue that will probably arise as soon as we move Hamish.

Worse news: This comes at a bad time, as my boss has to go to an out-of-town funeral and my office minion is getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

Worst news: Weebro and I haven’t a fucking clue what we’re doing.

Good news: I have wine at home.

2 thoughts on “Bob Vila.

  1. Jackie

    Just so you know, no one ever has a clue what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff, and in some cases that’s a good thing, because nothing ever goes down the way it should anyway. So you do whatever presents itself as a good thing to do next, and roll with it. Which is what you’ve been doing so far, and admirably well, I might add.

    The open-ended accommodation situation thing is a drag, though. I hope you can work something out relatively painlessly.

  2. megan

    Yeah, I had potential places lined up last week, but since I didn’t know what was what, I couldn’t book them. Also, if we need an apartment-hotel dealie, it’s cheaper to book for 30+ days and I don’t know if I need that now.

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