Boiling things down.


It’s been a couple of years since I participated in Holidailies, but, as my grand plans to post at least once a week (after my year-and-a-bit-long daily blogging challenge ended) came to nothing, this little project I adore might be the kick in the pants I need to get some words out.

I generally only use the first day’s prompt, so other than now, I won’t be posting what people ask. YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Right, me, without making it sound like a dating profile. I’m the general manager of an arthouse cinema. I live in the (for now) icy Canadian capital. I live with my younger brother in our late mother’s house, because real estate in this city and my budget mean this is among the most fiscally plausible places to be right now. Relatedly, I’m awful with money. To wit, I am going to Chicago for a week to take a course at Second City later this month (writing, not performing) even though that money would be better used for buying a new dishwasher or replacing all the holey jeans in my wardrobe or paying property taxes in a more timely fashion next year.

Christmas, aside from annual viewings of at least one version of A Christmas Carol, is not a fluffy-duffy Dickensian world of charm (tm Phill Jupitus). There are three parties involved: Work (for which I write a pub quiz-style game), tree (an evening spent with the family of my mother’s best friend, which we’ve done since the early 1980s when we used to cut down trees together at our old family ranch), and our Christmas day open house, which is literally an orphans’ Christmas gathering, usually involving eating appetizer-y things, drinking, and watching a movie, generally unschmaltzy Christmas fare like Die Hard. These are all moderately stressful, but improved by the calming meditativeness of baking copious amounts of delicious things.

If only I got the same endorphin high from cleaning, I’d easily be all set for the season, really.

Today, however, instead of tackling the mountain of laundry (well, for now, anyway), I must prep for the first (not-so)Monthly Boozy Trivia Thing we’ve had locally in a while. I am determined not to be as terrible as last time (fourth out of four! how embarrassing!), but given that I have devoted the last three weeks to watching ALL ‘The Sopranos’, I suspect a lot of more useful-to-quizzing information has been pushed right out of my head.

See you holidaily! (Oh dear.)

5 thoughts on “Boiling things down.

  1. Alison

    Yay, the return of Megan blogging!

    Also, would you mind if I tagged along to the boozy trivia thing with you sometime? I’d definitely make you look really good by comparison, and I am curious about it.

  2. megan

    ABSOLUTELY! We need more people to make it viable too, so please do! I generally only get a couple of days warning (I found out about this month’s on Thursday), but I will definitely keep you in the loop next time!

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