100BM Day 50

Spent today waging more war on the backyard, which was somehow more jungly than ever.

By which I mean: I spent today pulling up lemon balm, violets, and Chinese Lanterns (one day, I will remember a more PC name) only to have things look just as wild, albeit with five leaf bags of stuff taken away. Raking and hacking away at the webby labyrinth of tough roots comes later.

By which I mean: I did about three hours work over the course of eight, in between rereading ASOIAF, drinking beer, making a giant vegetable curry, pondering how to help a couple of friends through existential crises when my own returns semi-frequently,  and having the occasional brief, semi-accidental nap.

So, yes, it’s been a quality Saturday of being a lazy hermit. I didn’t even bother embedding images because that would have required fetching my Chromebook so I could embed HTML properly. And nuts to that, I ain’t standing for that shit, or any other, on a day like today. Until it gets dark out,  anyway.

I do wish I had an ice cream sandwich, though.

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