Brian Butterfield.


If you’ve not heard of Peter Serafinowicz, you should probably try to rectify the situation. A few examples of his genius: He does a stupendous Alan Alda impression (and had a excellent, unappreciated sketch comedy show), he talks openly about his own troubles in order to help others, and he makes videos like this out of the blue (after asking the band, if you can call them a ‘band’, for permission, of course).



Also, last fall he appeared on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast  (or, as the cool kids call it, RHLSTP) and seems like a genuinely lovely human man.

Of course, I bring this up for a more selfish reason than just saying ‘Hey, check out this comedian you might only know from bits in Edgar Wright projects and as the voice of Darth Maul’:

I got a haircut, can’t do a normal face in any photo, so did a “The fuck is this”-inspired diptych to show up its asymmetricalness asymmetry.

One of these photos reminds me of Mr Serafinowicz (guess which – my brain might be broken, so the answer is quite possibly ‘neither’). That’s a new one. I’ve been told for years that I make Rik Mayall (and by extension Greg Davies ones I suppose) faces.

Also, I have a lot more jaw than I thought I did.


Also, I have a lot more jaw than I thought I did.


Addendum: I literally had no idea there was a baseball dude called Brian Butterfield until someone mentioned on Twitter just now. I was talking about this one.


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