It almost never fails; a poorly attended film that we’ve been trying to promote like crazy suddenly results in ‘OH ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY [X] AGAIN I MISSED IT’ emails after its run ends.

We publish a calendar months ahead of time. We play trailers. We have an info-filled website with the ability to add shows to your own iCal or Google calendar. We tweet, Facebook, and e-newsletter the shit out of our movie promotion. But people sometimes act/feel victimized if we play a film without their noticing.

Is it possible to get messages out in a society flooded with them? Because I feel like I’m going nuts. Communication only works if people are paying attention. And clearly they aren’t.

And we don’t have the ability to beam messages directly into people’s brains.


this message is brought to you by my checking my work email before drinking coffee.

4 thoughts on “Briefs.

  1. Jackie

    What this suggests to me immediately is that there’s some level of demand for an email-based subscription component to the guide/calendar. Read it, check off the movies for which you want to be notified, submit your email address, and you are notified when they play.

    Probably completely unrealistic, but hey, I can’t stop my brain. This type of thing is my job.

      • Jackie

        Oh, it’s true. In my mind, the reminders go something like this:

        “HEY ASSHOLE. Your movie is playing tonight at 7:15. This is your only chance to see it. Tonight. At 7:15. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

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