#100BM Day 93

A little over two weeks ago, I was in the same room with a legend in the UK quizzing world. Well, several, possibly, since I was at one of the nerdiest daily events at the Fringe, Comedy Countdown, where comedians, y’know, play ‘Countdown’ and the crowd REALLY get into it. It was fucking excellent.

Of course, not knowing how serious the audience gets, I didn’t bring a pen and paper. More’s the pity.

Anyway, playing Carol Vorderman’s role that evening was Paul Sinha, who is a comedian, qualified doctor, regular panellist (well, ‘Chaser’) on a tv quiz show, and competes in bigtime quizzing contests in the UK, as well as the World Quizzing Championship, which I write, with increasingly disappointing results, every year.

He is a seriously smart dude. If he hadn’t been crunching numbers and drinking heavily, and if it hadn’t been 2am by the time the show was over, and someone hadn’t fucking spilled a pint in the hood of my jacket while it was hanging on the back of my seat and not told me, I would have asked his advice on how to get better at trivia stuff.

I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I’m sure he would have said that competition was a key part of improvement.

I haven’t actually competed in a trivia thing (outside of Sporcle Bingo) since June’s WQC.

I have a competition tomorrow.

Trying to feel confident, but the on/off switch seems to be broken.

And since cramming to learn anything about recent world events (I’ve been on an accidental, part-time news hiatus lately) is unlikely to do me any good, I’m going to bed.

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