Bucking up.


Yay, I’m supposed to be out at the airport in about an hour and I slept awfully, waking up repeatedly due to thunder and worry. Dreamt about sleeping in (which always helps) and fretted over a friend going through a Big Scary Medical Thing. Now I get to bike 100km, even though making coffee and oatmeal just now was pretty difficult. (The ride people give us breakfast too, but I woke up famished. I’ll probably take on more food once I get out there.)

So, yes, not a lot of time to write and be profound, but if you believe in that sort of thing, spare a good thought for my friend please. As much as this ride’ll be difficult, I don’t need the help from the universe (again, if you believe in that sort of thing) as much as she does.

In lighter news, I got retweeted by John Hodgman for a second time yesterday, again for correcting something he said. His was my first ever celebrity retweet (about three years ago). I’m such a dork that I think this is important somehow. He also knows people I know in real life. One of my many, many tenous links to fame.

Right, time to double-check my bags and hop in the shower. The race organizers gave all the riders a cheapo rain poncho, but I’m gonna make use of it, dammit!

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