Waiting to hear if I’m going for hotel brunch (y’know, the kind that has everything from scrambled eggs to pot roast to cheesecake). I’m thinking probably not, since it ends at 11am and I’ve neither showered nor heard from my potential brunch date (who has been ill all week) yet.

I do, however, have Giant Foods on the brain, so while my mind is occupied, and my caffeine levels are low, here are some other things to read on a Saturday. I could talk about how GOP candidate Rick Santorum doesn’t care about Bleaugh people and believes cancer victims bring it on themselves, or how there have been another few curious-yet-not-entirely-unsurprising Senate appointments (what happened to that Senate reform thing, eh, Stephen?) but instead, let’s relax and unwind a bit. Live it up this weekend.

Update on blood: Good BP, very good iron levels (!!), Fudgee-Os as a reward for donating. I am going to spend some more coherent thoughts on writing a letter to Canadian Blood Services this week. If people have other ideas on whom to contact, please let me know.

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