Filming was long. Rather, set-up was long, then we waited around for two extra hours for the actual filming people to show up. There are some photos here. Too tired to write more and can’t remember anything about confidentiality clauses.

I ended yesterday, 12.5 hours or so after arriving at work, and about 15 hours after I left the house, by biking through a torrential thunderstorm during which the rain was so loud I couldn’t tell how far away the lightning was. I laughed, because what else was there to do when your clothes soak through in seconds and your foot is IN water as you pedal and you’re still 20 minutes away from your destination.

Home, red wine and a pre-bed bowl of noodles (healthy!), and about five hours of sleep, then another 45 minutes. I feel almost human, even though I’m already at work again.

Here are some athletes from others sports photographed as if they were beach volleyball players.

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