Buying pianists from Nordstroms.


Apologising in advance, in a public-ish place, for being a really lame host to J., this long weekend’s houseguest, because my house is kind of a tip (the guest bedroom and bathroom are will be clean) and I have to work for chunks of Saturday and Monday (though will work a 12-ish hour day today to try to mitigate that). Still, there were will be tacos, Cards Against Humanity, pub time, and cat introductions, which are all bonuses to any weekend.

Today in Vegan Heathen Lent: Oatmeal with banana peach and peanut butter, ersatz burritos made with chili, falafel, a very expensive multivitamin made without gelatin or other any creature bits, another chunk of a Cocoa Camino dark chocolate bar.

Today in Gilmore Girls theories: The now-confirmed new cast member Sutton Foster is going to be playing her character, Michelle, from Bunheads. She will be back in New York for a while, appearing either on or adjacent to Broadway, and dating Jess. Jess will visit his mother and uncle in Stars Hollow to introduce her to them and realise that Michelle is just a slightly younger Lorelai with brown eyes and more honed singing-and-dancing skills. He will panic, dump her, and then hook up with Rory, at least temporarily, before realising that a brown-eyed, world-wearier Lorelai is infinitely preferable to rehashing shit with his high school girlfriend whose other two ex-boyfriends from a nearly decade earlier are apparently still hanging around.

RE. Wednesday’s title: Yep.



One thought on “Buying pianists from Nordstroms.

  1. Jackie

    I’m 100% certain your home will be fine! And you know I’m pretty good at entertaining myself, so no worries about the working. Like, I’m sorry you have to, but not on my account.

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