If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the world listicle. So, here are some.

Five different things about TIFF that make my life difficult

  • my boss is unreachable and having fun (mostly), so I have oodles more to do at work
  • any distributor I deal with in Toronto might as well be closed, as their offices’ skeleton staffs might actually be skeletons borrowed from a local med school for all the good they do
  • there is so much movie news to take in that I am more distracted than usual at work (because I should be up-to-date-ish on things, but I needn’t know everything instantly)
  • the second a movie premieres and gets rave reviews, we get queries from people who think we have the ability to show said movie, like, tomorrow, even though it usually takes months/years for many things to be available to us
  • gnawing, soul-crushing envy

Four different places I’m contemplating flying to very soon if I come into a pile of money somehow

  • France, to meet up with a friend who is biking ’round it for six weeks
  • Los Angeles, to finally meet my friend’s children, eat sushi, and go to shows at Largo and UCB (not necessarily in that order)
  • Iceland, because it’s cheap to go in the off-season (because it’s damned cold), it’s beautiful, and I want to buy stuff at 66• North
  • Sweden, because every time I see a photo of it, I want to go to there

Three different odd word splits I’ve seen recently:

  • ‘with out’ (handwritten, so definitely not a spellcheck issue)
  • ‘down town’
  • ‘free lance’

Two different acts of violence I nearly committed to save people’s lives/teach them a lesson:

  • punching a dude off a bike who riding on the wrong side of the road on King Edward Avenue, where the trucks like to drive/hit people
  • hitting a pedestrian (not while going fast, so with minimal serious injury risk), just because they didn’t bother to look both ways before stepping into the road

One thing I plan to do this weekend

  • Write some paragraphs or somethin’.

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