It’s been an interesting week, with a lot of new hope in a less autocratic government from many corners of society. Sure, not everyone’s a huge Trudeau fan (I am hopefully ambivalent at best), but this type of thing can really make one forget that not everyone in this country is, broadly speaking, in favour of the same kind of acceptance.

Sometimes, one forgets that not everyone in the occasionally (relatively) utopia-adjacent country one loves isn’t a stone-cold monstrosity.

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Yep, dude at the next table at a neighbourhood tavern was a gem. A drunken from-the-quart-bottle drinkin’ (which is Not Done, y’all, ’cause tiny glass or fuck off) redneck gem. Whose friend got a spray tan, but tried to shower it off immediately because he looked ‘too Cuban’. Who questioned his lunch companion more than once about whether a person to whom they were referring was ‘a Jew’.

So, yeah, some Canadians really fucking suck and don’t let anyone let you believe otherwise.

It was an interesting wake-up call, though, and a darkly, depressingly novel one because it didn’t involve denigrating Muslims (at least not while we were there).

And I have no idea what to do about it. Strangely enough, I didn’t want to fight a giant bigot on an otherwise pleasant Sunday afternoon outing. Especially because he would probably actually kick my ass.

But damn, son. What the fuck did a Jewish Cuban do to make you so mad?

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