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Busy day today (I have to shower and bike to work within the hours too), so this rant is going to be short:

There was an issue of Star in the office at work. I love gossip, because I’m human, but everything about this magazine made me wonder about the wisdom of reading, or even producing, such a magazine (especially when their ‘fresh’ gossip is mostly a week old by the time the magazine hits the shelves).

The most disturbing about the magazine is that every ad inside seems to be for some get-skinny-quick gimmick, most of them shilled by a reality star. Skinnygirl bars (and cocktails)? Ab Cuts? QuickTrim? Ridiculous, expensive, and virtually pointless. And y’all are airbrushed within an inch of your life and reality. Stop trying to trick people into thinking these products are based in science.

Eat food. Food that nourishes you. Get out and move sometimes. Stop striving to look like a 18-year-old model with both a personal trainer and a coke dealer. BE HUMAN.

(Yes, yes, that ‘reality’ switch that makes you fret about weight is a bastard and keeps resetting itself. But try, okay? Gimmicks are nothing compared to better habits.)

That having been said, I think it’s (almost more) appalling that people like ‘Goumba’ Johnny are paid to come up with one-liners in the fashion pages. I’ll look for a specific one when I get into work, but most are about as clever as saying  ‘Guess she went to the zoo lately!’ about Lisa Rinna wearing leopard print (again). Come the hell ON.

Edited to add a shot of the ‘hilarity’ to prove its insipidness.

PEOPLE ARE PAID TO WRITE THIS. And that ain’t right.

2 thoughts on “Career advice.

  1. Katy

    If this is the same Goumba Johnny, he was/is a radio personality in the New York area.

    Everyone knows you can only believe celebrity gossip if it appears in Us Weekly, though. And the fashion police section at the back is actually pretty good. But yes, I agree with you about the rant. We live in ridiculous times.

    • megan

      I tried to ‘like’ this reply. Us is also pretty much the only rag that gets a scoop in these days of ONTD and TMZ.

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