Aldwych station.


‘Tis the season of Holidailies and, much like last year’s almost-successful run of daily postings (initially typed as ‘positings’, also apt), I am going to use this opportunity to nerd out a bit each day.

Oh, and there might be a bit of festive cheer and/or improvised/half-remembered recipes along the way. Continue reading



(Holidailies Day #1.)

I wanted a theme this year for Holidailies, but as I’m not really one for seasonal sentimentality most of the time, I didn’t want to go a traditionally Christmas-y route. It’s not my style.

People who remember me from previous December blogfests might recall that I generally spend the night of December 25 laughing anew at frequently-watched Sandra Lee videos on YouTube while I finish up the ends of wine bottles from the Orphanarium’s annual Christmas Open House and wonder why Weebro bought me oven mitts again. Continue reading

Frostbitten legs and trench foot.


I just got in from an event commemorating The Great War specifically, and Remembrance Day more generally: a screening of a 1928 Canadian film (the most complete one of the era as well, which is a huge deal) Carry On, Sergeant! with live music (and new score) provided by Hilotrons. They are performing this at a couple of more locations (Renfrew, Collingwood) in the coming weeks, so if you’re able to make it to a screening you should totes go. (Whoops, apparently those shows aren’t happening after all?)

The film itself is a fascinating piece, actually legitimately (and intentionally) darkly funny in places, harrowing in others, and with some remarkable special effects considering its vintage. You can find out more about its history, and revival, on the Lost Dominion Screening Collective’s website and in this documentary snippet on YouTube.

As interested as I was in the film, I was also plotting a return to blogdom while watching.



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