Spent all of Saturday evening hanging out with the kitten, now officially (more or less) named Malcolm (Mac), who is basically the chillest little dude cat I’ve ever known. Sure, he is not fond of things like nose-blowing, big trucks rolling by, or anyone walking directly towards him suddenly, but most of the time, he just rolls with the punches.

Even though he is stripey, polydactyl, and snuggly, don’t think that he is Hamish reincarnated. Yet. He isn’t as keen on sleeping on or near-and-touching people, rarely naps for more than twenty minutes at a time if the humans are up (kitten Hamish would disappear for six hours for a good snooze), and often wakes to make a sad mrrp sound and jump at your head to make kissyfaces at you before stumbling off for Kitten Business. He also watches tv, and seems especially interested in ocean noises (I was watching ‘Broadchurch’). Hamish gave no shits about the television box 99.9% of the time.

Gah. So cute. I can’t stand it. Maybe I will find yet another lame excuse to visit today. Saturday’s was supposed to be ‘checking in’ while R. was at work, but I stayed 4+ hours. How could I not?

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  1. themis

    I have a friend that lives at the end of a country road, and in the last several years has seen abandoned at her doorstep 1) a desert tortoise (strangely also dubbed Mac) 2) a white ferret (“Limo,” as in, that is nothing but a stretch limousine rat) 3) the sweetest little yellow Lab – chihuahua cross (“Butters”) and in the past couple of months, 4) a 160lb Italian Mastiff (“General Farts,” aptly named) and 5) a year-old stripey polydactyl (“Thumbs”). She also cares for six special-needs adults in her home, lucky guys. Her home is this kind of constant loving happy chaos. If you decide you want another poly relationship, let me know, I could transport Thumbs to your fair city. They would all miss his bright-eyed insouciance and bossing around of the mastiff, but I would guess another critter would land on her porch inside of a month to take up the job.

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